Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Before ( top)

After ( top)

I am forever never ever cut bangs!!!! reason being cuz my hair is dry and natural curl thus my bangs all curl up!!! p/s: the bangs look straight cuz i blow dry it heee it won't last long anyway,should see the worse state of it =[ think twice before u do anythg to yr beloved hair. =S but i noe it will grow long =S for now i m stuck with it, thus pimples are slowly returning to my beloved forehead =S
Present to u my bf : Aliff =) frenzzie in singapore are lucky hehe they got to meet him hehe =] I want to play L4D2 and i want my colorful shorts (take note)

Ice-cream!!! i proudly present you Udders!!! =)
This ice-cream shop is only located in Singapore
I am not a strawberry person but the Udders's strawberry is a MUST TRY, awesome with waffles, their waffles is another to get for =] I love honeycomb!!!

Be warn: not to order the alcoholic ice-cream cuz u tend to get hmm how to describe, taste it yrself, cuz the alcohol contain is kinda high; unless u love to drink liquor like my monkey of a bf, you sure will love the liquor ice-cream.

Another tip is not to order gila melaka if u dislike sweet stuff as it tend to get real sweet like eating sugar, according to sook min hehe, anyone who come down singapore!! must try udders!!!

yr bestie/hostel mate/classmate/gf
3rin =]

LIFE is sHort, lOve it 9:13 PM.

My favourite month!!!! =]
Bday is round the corner..
cny is coming.. money money come come come to my pocket
somehow this year cny i have no time to shop =S

and i gotta say no time to go bai nian aso somehow cuuuzzzz i m
starting class on feb 22nd... which is like the 9th day of chinese new year.. haizzz sad!!!! summore i m going back 2 days before =D to pack up and stuff... and once again i am alone sleeping in da room =S

gotta go buy new clothes ady!!!! have to buy asap ady!!!
working before cny =S i noe who the hell works but hey i nid the cash!! gotta save ady =) working on friday and saturday 10am~6pm =)

i m like been MIA from internet hehe cuz i didn't bring my beloved lappy to the beloved country that i am now studying which is SINGAPORE =]

i went back on thursday feb 4th, which i arrive arnd evening hehe.. the butler/boyfren came and pick me..off to my refugee camp like hostel (according to ryan), halfway through gotta rush back cuz maya was waiting for me to give me my beauty product (foot cream and eye cream only) THEN THEN I got my DIPLOMA CERT =)
damn happpppiiiii i am officially finish diploma =)

went to orchard newly OpeN 313 to window shop, I <3 there ="S"ps:beee buy me my shortssssssssss... i m currently collecting colourful shorts whereby i have a red, violet, black and brown ady, saw one terquoise and blue hehe... THE MOMENT I STEP OUT OF THE STORE GUESS WHO I SAW =======> drum rolllllllllll

FAN PRETTY WONG AND HER HUSBAND CHRISTOPHER TALL LEE ( he actually look taller than on screen) omggggggggg her skin damn white leh!!!! oh ya she was like walk past beside me =S stunnnnnn but then me and bf continue walk heeeeee

then walk to bugis to wait for the one and only LIM SOOK MING!!! she came to visit =) any chong hwa people want to come visit??? =) ok she was really really late... then went to city link eat bento =) chat all the way till time to balik rumah =)

LIFE is sHort, lOve it 12:28 PM.
Tuesday, January 26, 2010


every1111111 gud morning =)

my daily life is as per normal like no other teenagers, i am no longer teenager anymore =(
i call myself the teen adult =) haha

last few days been working as flyer girl under the hot blazing blazing.. blaze till i had sun burn as in really burn.. whole hand was red cuz was wearing a T-shirt..

sooo i m dark!!!! hand and part of my neck and not forgetting my face especially my cheek =/
oH well i can get cash haha =)
gonna use it to get a new hairstyle ok maybe not new hairstyle.. is trim + treatment + maybe getting fringe =)
my hair is still short after coming out from high school for 2 years!!! wth!!
my post is real real random =S

going back sg on feb 4~ feb 9!!! =)
for holiday!! thou i go there study la.. as for study is after neeewww yearrrr =)

i feel sooo old... dun have cny mood.. lazy to go out..
like to just stay home and chill in the sunny hot weather with tv and fan
it gives a 'i'm sitting at starbuck' feel without the starbuck heeee..

this few day, have a craving for macdonald!!!!! especially the fries and curly friess... thou can cook it at home but fyi i dun cook..

sooo many concert this few days in sg =(
MUSE.. THE KILLERS.. heard that PARAMORE are coming =/, BOYS LIKE GIRLS.. sooo many!!!! =( and suck is i can't go =(

is really totally random leh.. i m not philosopher like i see other people blog, i m not a blogger who attend every other event that happen in msia.. i m not a girl who follow latest trend thus nth much in shopping tooo... but i actually wanna buy DSLR!!! so exp =( and as a newbiw saw some fren who bought lomo camera actually i dunno what is lomo but it takes nice picture!!! real nice!!! =)

everyone have a nice day =) thou is not a gud start for the first month.. but everythg will come to place =)

signing offf =)
3Rin =)

LIFE is sHort, lOve it 10:57 AM.
Thursday, January 14, 2010

first time!!! post twice!!! emo!!!!!!!!!

I WANT ICE CREAM!!!! i was really looking forward for the job =(

ice cream

ben's and jerry's!!!!!

cookieeessss and creaaamsssss!!!!!

take care!!

LIFE is sHort, lOve it 8:29 PM.

hey guys!!!!

i seriously blog randomly!!!

oh well... anyway this past weeks been sending massive email to get promoter job to earn EXTRA CASH and to avoid mum constant lecture to experience the world outside and so and so (she is after all a mum and my mum =)... well the world is not what i expected for one thing, that i mmm sooo sure....

and to date... i got none but until i got a call on tuesday!!! surprisingly, my job scope is to give out flyers and invite people to go into the shop, so i accept straight away without giving much thought of transport and the thought of putting make up!!! yes everyone i have to put make up for the damn job!!!! sooo... yesterday i experiment on eye liner.. lucky the girl say is simple make up.. but for me a noob is er hard thg!!!! ok i m a girl so i think i have the natural ability to put make up.. so i put on it, and in the end my conclusion ====> i loook like a panda or another term is i look like i been punch on the face =S

==> pray for me that i look normal on the promoter job day.

and oh ya.. i m going to a starbuck interview 2mr!!!! =)
hope i get the job!!! cuz is in singapore!! then i can go back!! work and study at the same time anddddddd... shop till i drop!!! i m earning sg dollarss and getting free drinks!!!!!
andddddd i did my homework =) well i go to their website and check the product name and the history and all!!!! clap hand!!!!
hope i get the job!!! cross fingers!!!!!

my life is basically waking up arnd 2 plus.. on9..surf website.. and nite yam cha session consist of me eating more than ever.. and i loveeeeeee steven corner's cheese naan!!! awesoooomeee!!!! =)
last week been obsess with L4D2.. but i stop!! cuz i gotta control!!!! ok so i m not that addicted.

annnnddd the keropok my bro brought back from sch was damn awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! ok i m craving for food now.. adios...gonan find me some chips and maybe choc or sweet or watever that can fit into my mouth!!! and i hear plastic sound!!! he bought keropok AGAIN!!!! YIIPEEEEEE


LIFE is sHort, lOve it 5:43 PM.
Saturday, January 2, 2010

hey guys!!! a new year!! happi 2010!!! =)

2009 was good for me haha =)
i learnt a lot as well as forgot a lot.. =)
i meet sum1, let say he is stubborn but sweet as well =)
i love my doggie more cuz apparently he is getting old =(
<3 mummy and daddy =) as for my brothers??? well they are stubborn as ever
as for me??? well i m 20 this year =)

welcome to the world of 20 to my frenzzie who was born on 1990 =)

i noe i haven't been updating my post or tumblr or twitter.. but l would like to say thx to people who read it especially kang yin =) and chloe if she ever did.. and my ex hostel mate haha.. i think he stop since i haven't been blogging for damn long haha =)

for a new year gonna update watevcer thgs i have created for the purpose of connecting with old frenz.. frenz who are not in msia =)

in this new year and new day haha..
gonna learn to save
gonna learn to be a leader
gonna go on vacation
gonna study hard for my course
gonna lose weight hehe...

this post is sooooo short and i wrote for the sake of blogging haha.. i have that feeling haha..=)
see u guys later =)
gonna post new thg if i have haha =)

LIFE is sHort, lOve it 6:22 PM.
Monday, December 28, 2009

hey everyone!!! =)

wanted to post things about myself but hey was lazy haha =)

been sick for awhile after going back to singapore to attend my fren's bbq at a chalet =)

my mind was going " i m going to end my year 2009 with a flu" =( sound sad rite?? but hey i m still having the flu haha... result in sleeping with air con in the room but who can blame me when the weather is blazing sun burning hot haha +)

my favorite day of the year is XMAS!!! i love christmas even though i m not christian (who say u must be a christian to celebrate xmas???) Xmas is a fun loving joy day where people exchange gifts and spend time with family and take photos of various xmas decorations =) i have a mini xmas tree in da house =) mum decorate it =) on xmas eve, i went pub with yeelin and sook ming and her fren, Jen instead of club apparently got the news police checking zzzz.. way to spoil the bloody mood man!!! they are party pooper!! damn pooper!!! and i was damn sick after drinking 3 tequila shot zzzz ( word of advice: dun GO OUT when U'RE SICK)

now!!! every1 noe there is still 3 more days to go till the year 2010!!! the year whereby every 90's children will becum 20!!! there is a number 2 in the age!! haha.. next year i m sooo gonna be stress out i think!!! lucky i have frens and my cute and stubborn guy beside me =) i nid a freaking job!!!!!! the 3 lucky kids in the family is all going to university =) claps hand!! we are all grown up! worse case to my dad thou =( have to support 3 fat and skinny kids all together at one go =S oh ya did i mention i got promote to vice head in my radio club which i have no idea why and i really dunwan but i got no choice and i take it as a opportunity to learn =) i hate handling pressure!!! i noe i m not gud at handling it!!! damn!!!! i m soooo screw now!!!!

OK that is all for now... so u guys wait till the year 2010 which is a promising year with the world cup with new hopes and dreams..and most of all to all those who had a bad year in 2009 can have a great start in 2010 =)

happi NeW YEar =) and all the best in 2010 =)

LIFE is sHort, lOve it 1:56 PM.


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