Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Before ( top)

After ( top)

I am forever never ever cut bangs!!!! reason being cuz my hair is dry and natural curl thus my bangs all curl up!!! p/s: the bangs look straight cuz i blow dry it heee it won't last long anyway,should see the worse state of it =[ think twice before u do anythg to yr beloved hair. =S but i noe it will grow long =S for now i m stuck with it, thus pimples are slowly returning to my beloved forehead =S
Present to u my bf : Aliff =) frenzzie in singapore are lucky hehe they got to meet him hehe =] I want to play L4D2 and i want my colorful shorts (take note)

Ice-cream!!! i proudly present you Udders!!! =)
This ice-cream shop is only located in Singapore
I am not a strawberry person but the Udders's strawberry is a MUST TRY, awesome with waffles, their waffles is another to get for =] I love honeycomb!!!

Be warn: not to order the alcoholic ice-cream cuz u tend to get hmm how to describe, taste it yrself, cuz the alcohol contain is kinda high; unless u love to drink liquor like my monkey of a bf, you sure will love the liquor ice-cream.

Another tip is not to order gila melaka if u dislike sweet stuff as it tend to get real sweet like eating sugar, according to sook min hehe, anyone who come down singapore!! must try udders!!!

yr bestie/hostel mate/classmate/gf
3rin =]

LIFE is sHort, lOve it 9:13 PM.


20 MDIS, Singapore
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▪ the 20th b'day
new haircut
▪ new ring
▪ new sandals
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